saladStarting the Month off Right

Hi! So, how did your guys’ first day of May go? Mine went great! Oh, in case you haven’t noticed, I’m going to be blogging one day behind, so I can talk about the previous day. That way instead of just predicting how my day will go, I’ll tell you all about it. I’d also like to hear how YOUR day went also! Because, remember? That whole support thing? So important.

Last night I went out to dinner with my friends. We went to Corner Bakery. I looked at the menu online earlier that day to figure out what I was going to eat, and stick with that plan. But DUDE! Have you ever looked at their nutrition? Everything was pretty dang high in calories. What the hell? And then, they had two different sections of nutrition info, and they were different. The calories. Different. They need to get their crap TOGETHER. Annoying. So anyway, because of that, I just decided that I would decide when I got there, but I knew I would stay in the lower calorie range. By God, I would. I don’t care what their nutrition says. So I had a side caesar salad with dressing on the side (Which, normally a caesar salad is one of the worst things you can get, but I put the dressing on the side, and got a small one. So I basically made that salad my bitch.) (Double side note, I hope I didn’t offend you by cussing. But sometimes I feel it’s necessary, especially when you make something your bitch. You have to brag about that ish) and a cup of corn chowder soup w/ saltine crackers. But I didn’t like the soup too much, so I only had a quarter of it. Which is fine. Less calories. And I didn’t use much dressing on my salad, so SCORE! I did good. And I gave myself plenty of calories to work with just in case.

Here is what I pretty much learned from that whole thing; when in doubt, go without. I think. Right? Does that saying apply here? I kind of like it, so whatevs. I was in doubt. Their sandwiches were high in calories, so I went without. Their salads were also high in cals, so I went without. Well, I went WITH, but I got a small salad without a bunch of cheese and crap in it, and put the dressing on the side. That’s safe, in my opinion. ALSO, what saved me, was that I had a turkey burger patty before I left, that way I wouldn’t be super hungry and order something I would later regret.

What did you learn yesterday?


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