IMG_5549Pickleball and Kombucha

Hey everyone! How is everyone doing? How was your weekend? And how was your weekend health-wise? Did you all do good? I did pretty well! I started my weekend with a 1st place trophy at a Pickleball tourney! My friend Kath and I kicked butt. Kath is crazy good at Pickleball, so I wasn’t too worried. Haha. She also won the next day in mixed doubles, so, see? Awesome! So that was a great way to kick off my weekend!

I just wanted to take a second to talk about Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented tea based beverage that has many, MANY health benefits. From the website What is Kombucha, they say “Kombucha tea has been reported to be a cure-all for a wide range of conditions including baldness, insomnia, intestinal disorders, arthritis, chronic fatigue syndrome, multiple sclerosis, AIDS, and cancer.” I think kombucha is so healthy and great, I feel like I should spread the word. My sister told me about it a few years ago when she started working for her natural foods company (she knows and reps ALL the good stuff! hella jelly!). But besides the tea being super crazy good for you, if you get a fruity kind like grape or strawberry, it’s pretty sweet and satisfies your (well, mine, anyway) sweet craving! My favorite is GT’s Synergy Grape Chia. BOMB!

I hope you all have a great week, and I’ll check in with ya in a few days! Keep the Healthy May going!!!


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Kath and I, Pickleball CHAMPS!

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