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Hello all! How did day 2 go for you yesterday? Hopefully well! It went well for me. I just wanted to talk a bit about keeping a food journal. I was thinking earlier in the day yesterday how lost I’d be if I didn’t write anything down, and then my friend Kathy said she always keeps a food journal, and how important it is. She lost 6 pounds in 2 weeks by journaling and keeping track of her calories, and staying within her calorie goal. NICE JOB Kathy! So I said well shoot bish, I am totally writing about that tomorrow! Not really, I didn’t call her a bish. I don’t even know what a bish is, my friend Kristie called me that once and I fell in love with it. What were we talking about, again? OH! Food journaling. Ok, anyway, when I write down what I’m eating, it’s the only way I lose weight too. I know exactly what I’m putting in my body. This is SO important when it comes to weight loss. I’ve seen so many articles that say people who keep food journals lose twice as much weight as people who don’t. If you don’t keep track, you can take in a lot more calories because you are more unaware.

Here are a few tips to help you with your food journal.

  • Write as you go. Don’t wait until the end of the day to write everything down. Chances are you’ll forget something. If you’re having trouble losing weight, your journal could be inaccurate and wont help you at all.
  • Use whatever works best for you. Whether you’re writing it down on paper, in your smart phone, in an app on your smart phone, or your computer, use what is most handy. I personally like using my phone. Two really great apps are MyFitnessPal (you can also have an account on their website!) and Weight Watchers, if you’re counting points.
  • Don’t cheat on your journal. If you have a little extra of somethin’ somethin’, or eat something you don’t think you should (although I don’t think ANYTHING should be off limits, just work that ish in, foo’!), don’t NOT write it down. Your body knows the real truth, and won’t lie.
  • Review your journal. Towards the end of the day, or at the end of the day, review what you wrote down. See what you ate and when, and if you need to make a few changes to your food intake.

I hope these tips helped. If you journal, please share your experience with the rest of us! And journal on, people!


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