Step Ups5 Exercises to Shape Your Boot-ay

Whelp, summer is right about the corner! I know, I know. Don’t get mad at ME, it’s not my fault! I’m here to help, remember? Here are 5 awesome exercises you can do to shape up that cute butt of yours. Incorporate them into your workout routine. To make these exercises harder, add weight (dumbbells, barbells, body bars, whatever.). I also don’t recommend actually doing these exercises by the pool. Especially the step ups. Dangerous! Don’t ask me what I was thinking. Well, I know EXACTLY what I was thinking. I was thinking that I wanted to make the pictures look pretty for all y’all! But don’t do it. Have fun!


Do 3 sets of 15 to 20 reps for a butt kickin’ good time! And for the lunges, that is 15 to 20 reps PER LEG! Yeah budday!

Sumo Squats



Jumping Lunges


Single Leg Squat





Reverse lunges


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